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Trying to let someone thing you're "not sayin'", when, in fact, you most certainly ARE "sayin'".

Trying to make it seem like you are not saying anything unkind or questionable, but then admitting that you are. It happens so fast, no one will be the wiser...
Beezus : Does this pair of jeggings make my ass look enormous ?
Ramona: Well, maybe a little.

Beezus : Dang - for reals ?
Ramona: Hey, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'
#double negative #recanting #verbal subterfuge #denial #who me
by TrudyS August 03, 2010
Doctor's note (n) An excuse for any occasion.

Any behavior or affectation wherein you might draw attention or comment might be explained away with : "It's okay, I have a doctor's note".
Jasmine : "Dang - What's up with Cedric's shoes ? Who'd wear those to the club ?!"
Bennie: "S'okay - he has a doctor's note."

Mags: "You were so rude to that clerk !"
Cooper : "I have a doctor's note."
#excuse #apology #explanation #justification #alibi #defense
by TrudyS June 28, 2010
A phrase that means simply to find a better way. Can be used in any situation and is not meant only for the literal selling of the family silver during economic downturns.

A last resort when all other options have been exhausted.
Moe: I didn't study for the theoretical quantum physics test.

Joe: I'll tell them you are home sick with anaphylactic shock.
Moe: No, dude. I've already used that one.
Flo: Besides, wouldn't you need a doctor's note? Better to just sell the silver.

Sparky: I wish I had the cash for a new Apple product - the new i-Anything is out !
Razor: You tapped out, bro ?
Sparky - Word - I may have to sell the silver.
Razor: Day-um - that's rough.
#last resort #take cash value #pawn #hock #liquidate assets
by TrudyS July 12, 2010
Texbian - 1) a lesbian from Texas

2) A female homosexual who hails from the Lone Star State
Elvira : My cousin is coming from Dallas to spend a few weeks - you'll love her.
Rogelio: Awesome - maybe you can set us up...
Elvira : Doubtful, dude..she's a Texbian.
Rogelio : Day-um - just my luck !
#lesbian #sapphic #dyke #country woman #gay
by TrudyS July 25, 2010
Dick that is considered to be foreign in some way - either in terms of country of origin, or simply gettin' some strange.

A simple way to refer to foreign dick without having to name hundreds of countries separately.
Delilah: How was your trip to Europe ?
Pooty: Excellent - I got more Switzerdick than you can shake a stick at !

Sassy : Bitch, did I see you up in the club with some new dude ? What'll your old man say ?!
Naomi : Just a one-off - I jes' needed to get me some Switzerdick.
#strange #different sex partner #foreign #penis #european
by TrudyS August 03, 2010
A state of complete insanity, going off the deep end.

The grandmother of all hissy fits - totally off the heezy.
Jeez, all I said was that those pants made your butt look big - you don't have to go all whipshit on me !
#tantrum #explosion #fit #tirade #hissy fit #outburst #huff #scene
by TrudyS January 03, 2011
Used to describe a sexual act, intimate congress, or jes' gettin' some.

1. Sexual intercourse or variations of same

2. Genitalia viv a vis sex.
Willis : It been so long since I had some whatzit - if I saw it, I'd throw stones at it !

Gus : Dang, dude - if I don't get my steady whatzit, I'm crabby and my face break out !!

Willis : Word.
#sex #piece of ass #lovin' #the deed #fucking #schtupping
by TrudyS August 07, 2010
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