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To hypotinuse, used as a verb, is to cut straight through the bullshit of any situation, and go straight to the goal. Stemming from the ancient mongolian word hypotinuuuu, it is said that the creator of the word was worshiped with cult like fervor for his briliant creation. Sadly, the cult of hypotinuuuu has long since died out, but their word, with some minor changes, lives on within all of us.
I totally hypotinused that field yo. (cut straight through the middle)

Nah,I didnt wait for the second date, I hypotinused the shit out of the first one. (way to go playa)

Mark, can you stop telling me this irrevelant story and hypotinuse to the end? (may be the most popular use)
by Takamata May 03, 2007
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