someone who preaches one thing then turns around and finds themselves doing the exact same thing. someone who is insecure and conforms to society's values just to be like the others.
by whitney April 28, 2003
a person who makes out that they're against something, then does the thing they where against
a person stands up for a bullying victim then later supports the bully and his ways
by hipo May 13, 2003
My Father/ most parents
Me: Stop talking shit
Him: Don't fuckin' swear you stupid little bitch, you're a horrible person and I hate you SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
Me: it's good to feel loved... HYPOCRITE
#bastard #nasty #abuse #angry #asshole
by Calamity Bec May 17, 2008
something benzino and other people are when eminem dissed black people.
Benzino and some black people: Eminem is a motherfucking raciest ass cracker! He calls people of the oppisite race mean,derogatory, and raceist names, but I would never do something like that, that stupid ass cracker honkey white boy piece of shit. Fucking white crackers.
by pimp daddy dollars February 27, 2005
Someone who says one thing in an argument, then turns their back on what they said.
Kelly:"Ha ha, white girl can't jump, you!"
Sonya:"Hey, dumb fuck, you looked in the mirror lately, you are white!"
by Sonya September 23, 2003
When some one tells you not to do something, while they are doing it or have been seen doing exactly what they just told you not to do.
Teacher: Bob! Don't chew gum in the classroom! Go throw it out!

Bob: But Mr., you are chewing gum. Why can't we? Wouldn't you be being a hypocrite by telling me to throw it out??
#hypocrit #hipocrite #hipocrit #liar #hipacrite
by b.c.w July 16, 2009
people who bash this site while using this site.
see violence. they are such a hypocrite.
#honest #two-faced #hipocrate #hypocrate #hippo
by Faysal Tirow April 27, 2009
A person who contradicts themself with their own words and/or doings, by making a contrast between the two.
Molly is reknowned for saying she is adament in her belief about something, but then going out and doing the exact opposite of what she preached to be true about. What a hypocrite!
#hypocrite #liar #fraud #subterfuge #idiot
by Mike Money Mozilla October 09, 2006
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