Someone who always things something is wrong with their car.

A parent who has to inspect your car every time you come back from being with your friends.
"Do you hear that noise? I think I have a belt loose." "Dude, thet's the engine. Quit being a hypocardriac."

"My dad is such a hypocardriac. He went over every inch of my car with a magnifying glass looking for scratches."
by VladmiraI February 15, 2009
Top Definition
An automotive hypochondriac; someone who thinks every odd sound coming from their car means something drastic is going wrong with it.

A person affected with hypocardria.

Relating to or affected with hypocardria.
I'm such a hypocardriac; when we went over that pothole, I swear I heard one of my lugnuts shear off. I was bracing myself in case the tire rolled away.
by Jhayne April 04, 2006
When someone thinks something is going wrong with the car just because they heard a thump and it never processed that you could've just ran over a bunny.
man, mike's such a hypocardriac, he hit a squirell and turned right into a mr. auto
by Xbox79 April 28, 2011
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