Crazy, wrong, no point
"New car, hes burnin his rubber doing donuts" Thats Hypo."
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
Top Definition
slang, hypodermic injection. syringe, needle, or both. a small syringe used with a sterile needle for injection of material under the skin. im, iv..
"i filled the hypo up and stick it into the arm"
by hypo March 17, 2005
The term used when one starts making caffeine induced typos at an accelerated rate.
hye I'm drinking a lot of coffeee if don't mind the hypos I'm doing stuff faster than usual
by c4ncll3 October 21, 2009
(Australian) slang for hyperactive. Used instead of hyper. Contradictory to the word hypoactive which could also be shortened to hypo.

Usually meaning crazy, full of energy, stupid etc.
John: "You should have seen me yesterday!"
Bill: "Yeah I heard, you went totally hypo!"
by SmartStateNoMore January 12, 2010
Similar to typo an error in the hype for an event. Can be both positive and negative.
All the reviews said the Britney show was her best yet, but really it was jusy her sitting pantsless onstage. What a hypo.

When Sarah said she's bringing a special guest to the party I thought it was just her new girlfriend. I didn't realize Kanye was going to be there; what a hypo!
by parkca01 November 19, 2010
The Highway patrol bitches commonly used in rural missouri, by the ticks and Nelly(the guy with the band-aid on his face)
Slow down there are hypos everywhere, Bitch!!!
by G-Murda February 28, 2003
Hypodermic Needles. Slang used typically by heroin addicts to describe a needle used for intravenous injection. Typically insulin needles.
Can I get some Hypos? You got any Hypos?
by Sonnydaniels September 30, 2010
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