1. Prominent character on program 'Everybody Loves Hypnotoad'

"I love hypnotoad."
by debaser May 09, 2004
Top Definition
The hypnotizing Toad from Fururama
Announcer: "We now join America's most popular show already in progress: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad."
Fry: "This show's been going downhill since season 3."
by Rederickfay April 08, 2005
A toad capable of hypnosis through tel... ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!
I don't see what's so special abot th...ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!
by scotsman_too_hotsman September 18, 2009
Hypno Toad- A world famous TV icon from the crazy world of futurama. Is currently being nominated for many awards.
Beware after 15 minutes of constant viewing can cause the following symptoms- Headaches, manic hair brushing , feeling of flying and necrophilia.
Hypno Toad e.g Scary freak who know everything irrelevant,nothing important and generally is green and slimy.aka Mr B
by Cpt Crazy October 21, 2006
One of the stupidest things to ever come out of Fut...All Glory to Hypnotoad, all others pale in comparison to hypnotoad!!
And the grand-prize winner is...HYPNOTOAD!

*slow clap starts for hypnotoad*
by Just v8 August 01, 2010
Meh, this show really went downhill in the 3rd season.
All glory to the hypnotoad!
by WhoisHomer February 05, 2005
An infamous carbon based mammal, usually full of useless information and random tidbits.
"Right, all we need are 47 Wombles and a stick of dynomite!" - Hypnotoad
by ChiefStrider January 12, 2009
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