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Drinking excess amounts of alcohol and then excess amounts of water to address the cottonmouth caused by the earlier imbibing of the excess alcohol.

For all the silly self-obsessed people who use the term "I need to hydrate" when normal people would say "I need a drink of water."
Hey buddy, let's go hyperdrate. You bring the case of beer to pound down, then tomorrow we can drink water 'til the faucet goes dry. Don't you mean "hydrate?" Nope, that's for idiots who think their new word for drinking water makes a difference when they exercise. Ours will make a difference when we drink too much while laughing at them exercising. You're right, pass the beer, "let's hyperdrate!"
#excess drinking #alcohol followed by water #making fun of hydraters #laughing at the exercise worders #keeping unnecessary words fun
by benighse July 28, 2009
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