A Hype Is A "Hypodermic Syringe" Usally Used For Illegal Drug Use When Referred To Using This Name. It Can Also Be Called A Hype, Hipe, Pipe, Pype, Hypo, Or Hipo.
Yo Man Pass Me The Hype So I Can Get Well!
by John Dillinger2 December 04, 2007
a drug addict; usually someone hooked on crack
that hype tried to sell me a broken gold chain for some rocks.
by aishababy June 09, 2003
A Marjuana joint/blunt laced with Crack.
What... You rollin' a Hype?
Nah bra, I don't want to hit that.
by Misanthropic71 March 18, 2008
(adj.) great, superb, 'with it'.
That's some hype car you have.
That book? Yo, that's hype.
by Prof. Cyril Neume November 23, 2002
Quite possibly the best energy drink ever created. It has a berry flavor and goes down smooth. Also good when mixed with vodka or Jack Daniels.
"Lets get drunk Mike!"
"Alright lets drink some Hype Breezes (Hype/Vodka)!"
by Anthony916 May 04, 2006
A sensation of excitement you get when you're favorite anime character does something super badass or is about to do something super badass.
Kirito's fights always get me hype af.
by Red F. May 30, 2016
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