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Hyena= a woman way past her sexual prime, easily identified by her national geographic tribal style saggy breasts and fried from over coloring hair. Habitat consists of bowling alleys, targets, doctors offices and the occasional coffee shop. The cackle is also a dead giveaway.
Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a straight up Hyena
by Older than a cougar December 10, 2013
An animal. Like a wild....dog.
It acts like it could be smokin' some of that weed!
Hyena: Heeheeheehee!
Elephant (To coyote): I don't know what he's smokin', but I want some of it!
Coyote:I can hook you up.
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
An opportunistic and cowardly social scavenger who seeks gratification in the destruction of others' friendships and relationships. A weak, guileful, duplicitous, and malignant character.
"Who's that hyena's new best friend now?"
by pluvieux October 05, 2004
Hyena-term used to describe a man that sexually pursues a woman at least eight years his junior.
Hugh Hefner and Larry King are old hyenas.
by pynchon August 10, 2009
An African mammal, ugly as hell,hairy and dirty that usually feeds on shitty corpses left by other animals, fucks once a year and yet keeps laughing.
Safari Guide : Look people, a hyena!
Tourist: Ewww, thats disgusting!
by jackts9999 May 03, 2009
An awesome song off Rancid's first album.
Hyena is one of the best Rancid songs ever
by Julio May 07, 2005
a lesbian, a dike, a feminist who hates men and thinks all men should be slaughtered so women can reproduce asexually.
Those hyenas want to take over the world and kill all men. Well, bye now.
by Master July 31, 2003