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To hog something entirely without saving any for others around you.
Shane: That was a good blunt.

Eric: You would hyena all of the weed you sack of shit.
by et87 August 21, 2008
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A African scavenger.The hyena is more closely related to felines than canines.They are often thought of as filthy,mangy,scavengers,but they have been shown to catch their own food.Hyena mothers have been shown to take great care of their pups as well.Their jaws are made to crush bones.
They often are heard "laughing" or "giggling",but it is actually their call.They live in large packs,led by a female called the matriarch.The females eat first.
Wow,those hyena pups are cute!
by dogluv90 June 09, 2009
A sexually aggressive teenage girl who preys on older men.
That girl is such a hyena, don't you see how she's going for that old dude?
by hyenarawr June 17, 2009
a group of girls that are otherwise evil, bitchy and look terrible without make up. also known as 'those girls' they tend to be life ruiners who laugh when girls they dislike or their friends pass by. they are often sluts who condemn others for the same.
oh, sarah, better run and hide. the hyenas are coming.

the hyenas cornered me last night and told me not to be your friend, sarah.
by sarahpreeyamelissa December 13, 2007
A group of loud, abrasive and obnoxious goons who will constantly be together causing havoc wherever they go. They can be absolutely annoying sometimes but overall not bad company. They will even laugh and run like Hyenas.

Usually guys, can be women. Do not approach a lone hyena, they are unstable.

Everyone should have a hyena pack.
"Oh no, look! It's the hyenas"

Hyena 1: EHEHEHEHEHE *Sly face*

Hyena 2: Shut it mannnn.
by ThePow January 27, 2012
A sexually agressive young woman who targets older, married men as sexual conquests.
It sure looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones was a hyena when she was after Michael Douglas. But she turned out not to be. She married him. Who knew?
by Hot Lips Hannah September 02, 2010
Hyena= a woman way past her sexual prime, easily identified by her national geographic tribal style saggy breasts and fried from over coloring hair. Habitat consists of bowling alleys, targets, doctors offices and the occasional coffee shop. The cackle is also a dead giveaway.
Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a straight up Hyena
by Older than a cougar December 10, 2013
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