Marijuana grown indoors using a hydroponics system (tubes and filters with water and fertilizers). To correct the first definition, NO marijuana causes mental problems - but it does get you really high.
I couldn't find any hydro for the weekend, so I had to settle for some reg.
by Johnnybong May 19, 2005
Hydraulics, Hydraulic suspension, most commonly seen in older 60s/70s cars as well as some newer rides. Allows the vehicle to roll on 3 wheels, or hop.
damn check that 'pala on hydros!
this piece of shit needs hydros to pull skirt!
by Jeef1 April 22, 2005
see hydrocodone - Hydros is just a shortened name for it
Hey man got any hydros?
by MarySue March 19, 2006
a tricked out honda civic.
"Dude, check out that sick Hydros!"
by TunerFocus February 22, 2010
People originating from Hyderabad, India and living in the US.
That Indian restaurant was crawling with Hydros!
by Hydrofoild February 13, 2008
Hydroponicly grown marijuana, usualy a very strong marijuana plant, and is usualy one of the best buys if you are low on cash.
YOU: yo you got the stuff kid?
OTHER: yea man i got that Hydro green, green.
YOU: thats whats up!
by Big Kush Oner August 23, 2008
someone who is from Hyderabad, India
"he got married to a hydro girl"
by kutedaputar July 09, 2009
Canadian slang for electricity, due to the high usage of hydroelectric power and the fact that most of the electric companies have "hydro" in their names.
I had to pay the hydro bill.

Hydro Quebec, Manitoba Hydro
by cjohnson October 29, 2007
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