A zerg creature from Starcraft that shoots green cum at its victims. Also known as needle spines.
Marine: Those hydralisks are horny bastards! They just raped my friend Jim-Bob.
by skizzert March 20, 2005
Top Definition
A serpent like monster from the game Starcraft, has a snake like tail and claws, shoots spines.
aaaa the hydralisk killed the marine aaa
by Kanker April 21, 2003
Reptile/serpentish monster from the PC game Starcraft. Costs 75 minerals and 25 gas; has a ranged attack instead of a melee, and can shoot ground as well as air targets. Sort of like an upgraded marine, and is useful when used in conjuction with Zerglings.

Does 10 damage, can evolve into a Lurker in Starcraft: Brood War.

Noob: Dude, wtf? I didn't keep my eye on my Zerg enemy while I was teching towards corsairs, then he comes out of nowhere with 20 hydras and raped my ass. Goddamn hydralisks.
Me:Hydralisks are so useful and versatile. Oh and lolol pwned.

How does it shoot spines? I mean, acid spit makes more sense. Do they grow them back or something?
by JigglyJP October 01, 2007
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