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The best Starcraft player of all times, deserves the name gosu. He's the king of the Terran and the god of Starcraft.
"That is many tank?"
by Eldariel June 06, 2003
1. super gay un-human starcraft player who needs a life
2. strategies can be unpredictable
3. leave if you are his opponent
4. although he leaves the game, he still makes you feel bad

HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk can also be a verb; the act of defeating your opponent using the stupidest techniques. Often mistaken for a n00b
HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk: gg
me: what?
HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk sends bunch of crap units*
HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk destroys most of my base*
HoRnY-hYdRaLiSkhas left the game*
by eldariel January 09, 2005
Demi-God of Warcraft Universe, term used for nearly perfect Warcraft III player, similar to the term "gosu", used with Starcraft. However, it's often being replaced with gosu nowadays (because people don't know what either of these means).
You're so dowu, you own people in 3v1!
by Eldariel June 06, 2003
Gosus are the gods of Starcraft universe. Very versaile word nowadays with the generic meaning as a synonym to the phrase "as good as god".
The basic theorem of trigonometry: "Ooh, me so gosu!"
by Eldariel June 06, 2003

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