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(n.) an over-the-top display or suggestion of sexual promiscuity by a female who is still a virgin. (From "hymen," the physiological mark of virginity, and "hubris," excessive pride or self-confidence.)
"The unmitigated hybris of that cheerleader is astounding."
"For a woman with no sexual experience whatsoever, she shows tremendous hybris."
by Snark Chariot August 25, 2014
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a sexual band to the ears.

Derry band (y)
"hi did you see hybris thnight"

"aye hi they were amazing hi"
by dickhead :) May 01, 2010
A cheat code that gave god mode to the player in a model airplane game. Its sometimes used as descriptor of ones skill in a game.
That's Hybris the god of PC rocket warthog drive bys.
by Hybris November 09, 2006
1. A lame local rock band that will never make it big in the industry.

2. A generic band with delusions of grandeur.

3. A rock band which in addition to sucking, annoys friends and family with constant requests to come hear them.
1.My brother is in a rock band- he thinks they're going to be huge, but really they're just another hybris.

2.We went to a rock show tonight at a local dive bar, but the band was a hybris so we walked out.
by Aaron Eigler December 16, 2004

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