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A group on the art site deviantART dedicated to the idea of human-animal hybrids. It was created by in-viv-sible in July 2012, and is forever growing. The group is set around the idea that every hybrid lives in the fictional town of Sandiord, and they attend George Harrison School. The many hybrids include Louis Strike, Twitch Allens, Nicole Brooks, Skyler Ride, Damon Rye, Kinasha Adams, Lighte Marco and Nova Levitt. Every member of the group has their own hybrid(s) and will commonly roleplay them, whether this is on the group chat or separately.
Random Guy: Dude, what's that group called again? The one with those half-animal half-human things?
Hu-Hybri member: Oh, you mean Hu-Hybri?
by CO98 July 25, 2012

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