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Here. Cartman-ism.
"it stinks in hya, who let all the flies in hya"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
Hope you are smiling
Night bae, hyas.
by Titti January 13, 2015
Someone awesome, resembles and acts like a scamp (in a good way), someone pretty, smart, gets scared easily, has a secret inner demon fighting spirit, misses her mom, and is 'slow' with some things.
woah she totally missed that joke...yeah she's a Hya
by sizzlebiscuit June 27, 2010
Anacronym for "Hot Young Ass" -Orginally coined by drunken members of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Drinking Team in Denver while trolling for girls.
I'd really like to mount that sexy hya in the corner
by Brian McIntyre February 04, 2005
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