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the woman or girl someone hooks up with all the time

abbreviation "hu" (hook up) plus the word "woman"
counterpart: "human" (The man huwoman hooked up with all the time)
"The hamster is my huwomans humammal !"

Am I an human, only because I as a man hook up with my girl and should she not be my huwoman then? And the cat I hug is my humammal
by franz tea January 28, 2013
(1) A conscious fetus (2)A male in negotiation with a female to enter her world (3) A person whose gender qualities are devoted to satisfying the opposite gender qualities of another person
(1) Recognizing its mother as an entity other than itsself, the fetus became a huwoman. (2) Her armour brought out the huwoman in the smitten bachelor. (3) The longtime huwoman couple were finally united in matrimony.
by HipAmerican September 16, 2008
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