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The lengthy course in which numerous gangstas and hood villains take a preppy white boy under their wing in order for them to introduce him to true street life/slang/customs so as to allow for him to get his slice of the pie.

The course is rarely offered, however, due to not only the few students who wish to become true hustlers, but also, thugs with enough street credibility to be allowed to teach the class.

Payment for the course is a sworn oath by the new hustlers to remain loyal to their mentors, and an occasional offering of kush or a free key.

Upon learning all there is to know, field trips to the ghetto and real life experiences lead to the second part of the course known simply as hustlerfication.
Non-gangster: Hey yo G, hook me up with some of that kush and purps brotha.

Street professor: Listen nigga, you ain't that far up in your hustlernomics class to be hittin' up that kush just yet--quick, what's a chopper?

Non-gangster: Fuck mayne--that AK and semi-automatic and shit?

Street professor: Nice boy, you learning, you learning.

Non-gangster: Aight mayne, let's go mack some of these bitches.

Street professor: Amen nigga.

Non-gangster: Block boyz in the house tonight! Oh, how this kush got me feeling ri...

Street professor: Shut the fuck up man.
by Pak-Man April 04, 2008
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