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A henpecked, meek-ish man, married or not, in a relationship, who lets the woman do all the talking or decision making, and is not allowed to have opinions of his own.
Mary: "Susan, this is my husband, George." George is standing slightly behind Mary.
Susan, "Hi, George, how are you?"
George: "Hi, I'm...."
Mary, "Oh, he's fine."
George: "Yes, yes I am ...."
Mary: "George is a CPA. He is opening up his own practice."
Susan: "Really? How nice. George, where will your office be?"
Mary: "We haven't decided yet. You know, men. You have to do everything for them."

Susan, embarrassed and uncomfortable, tries again:

"George, where did you go to school?"
George: "I went..."
Mary: "Oh, he went to (name any college)."
Susan (to herself): "Oh, oh. Poor George is a hushband."

Susan to Mary and George: "Excuse me. I see the person who I'm supposed to meet. "George, nice talking to you."
Mary: "Nice talking to you, too. C'mon George, let's go."
by a.m. crab August 15, 2012
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