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1) A hurtubise is a destructive drunk that scares away people (girls in particular) with retarded shenanigans.

2) Someone who regularly embarrasses his acquaintances, and gets disowned by friends for drunk shenanigans.

3) A perennial dumbass nitwit who keeps behaving in the aforementioned manner. Even after years of being a dumbass, a hurtubise never learns from his/her own mistakes.
"Fuck, (person X) is baiting us out and scaring away all the chicks with his fucked-up drunkeness. We better ditch that lousy prick hurtubise before he makes us look bad too!"
by Bertramo January 27, 2011
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A reference to a very large male reproductive organ.
Check out the hurtubise on that guy.
by hurtubise December 09, 2007

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