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an emission or expulsion of air followed by a secretion of fluid from the vagina on the face of one's sexual partner
"Damn, that bitch just hurkled on me."
by Tommy Jefferson December 30, 2008
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The feeling felt when being tickled. A Mixture of Pain and Tickles.
Stop Tickleing me! it Hurkles!
by Mark Cahill July 14, 2006
A mutant form of herpes that originated from George Washington and hookers. It is originally purple, but becomes fatal when it turns black.
Damn! I have hurkles.
by derpies101 August 05, 2012
Once upon a time, there lived a little boy, his name was Hurk. He lived in the town of Beans and Fruit. He lived with his older brother Derp and little brother Herp. He was kiddnape by the Evil witch Ray Leota and her man slave Moe Lester. He was tortured senselessly for SEVEN EONS by branding him with burning marshmellows on sticks and wipping him with wire hangers. Once a momma's boy, now a MAN and a half, he sought revenge aganist his captors (after they let him go). He traveled (TO THE FUTURE! ! !)in order to defeat his makers. Which he did. He killed them, ripped out their hearts, and ate them in order to contain their souls for the rest of eternity. When he returned to Beans and Fruit, his brothers noticed his changed bersonality. THEN HE KILLED THEM! AND ATE THEIR SOULS! So when you walk through the night with a boner and no hot girls to bang, this is considerer a "hurkle." But maybe your mom will take it in the ear. BOOOOOMMMMM! !

To "hurkle" is to hurl monkeys of the Golden Gate Bridge in order to please the wandering deity, Bastar the Wanderer
Guy 1: Maaaan...I have such a HURKLE! ! ! You think there's a chick around her to do?

Guy 2: Only your mom.

by XxBastar The WandererxX December 13, 2010

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