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When your butt is starved of fresh air and water, and decides to eat your underwear or pants. also, when your ass is bigger than the pants surrounding it, therefore your pants are streched tightly into the pigeye area.
Skinawnaw's stone-washed jeans were being eaten ferociously by her hungry butt.
by Dirkniggla January 14, 2005
A condition occurring when one stands up and the pants/skirt are caught between the butt cheeks,as if the ass is so hungry it is trying to eat the clothing.
Oh, shit,Son!Millie has got a serious case of hungry butt!
by catshawson! February 23, 2009
the opposite of camel toe
remember ladies, leggings are NOT pants! too much camel toe & hungry butt out there!
by L~A January 09, 2010
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