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When your butt is starved of fresh air and water, and decides to eat your underwear or pants. also, when your ass is bigger than the pants surrounding it, therefore your pants are streched tightly into the pigeye area.
Skinawnaw's stone-washed jeans were being eaten ferociously by her hungry butt.
by Dirkniggla January 14, 2005
Language of drunk people. To slur normal words beyond recognition. To be Scottish after 3pm.
me mum speaks drunkanese after a fifth of whiskey.
by DirkNiggla September 19, 2003
When you see a completely nekkid,pinkish, puckered up bumhole. It kind of resembles a pig eye winking at you.
I saw the pig eye lookin right at me. gave me the willys.
by Dirkniggla January 14, 2005
Completely drunk to the point of ignorance. Unknowingly peeing on inanimate objects or oneself.

Scott Johnson was shit boxed every day of college.
by DirkNiggla September 08, 2003
when you pull the extra skin from your ballsack and make a tongue like protrusion with it. Hence, a hairy tongue like your uncle would have.
Dewayne showed Lisa his uncle's tongue and she immediately snapped a photo.
by DirkNiggla April 02, 2004
A rather large man, who is hung like a donkey and likes to have foursomes. Also, A man who wears shirts so tight, you can see his heart pump. See also Man Whore
Big Perm has banged more chicks at work that the women's room door.
by DirkNiggla September 02, 2004

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