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drink that is a mixture of mountain dew, kool-aid, and ever clear. it tastes amazing and you cant taste the alcohol at all.
After she drank one cup of hunch punch she was trashed.
by chelsea07 January 02, 2009
grain alcohol and/or vodka with fruit punch, hawaiian punch, other fruit juices, and/or fruit. can also add ginger ale, sprite, 7up etc for fizz.
hunch punch tear you up
by lilhood December 06, 2009
an alcohol drink..usually a mixture of "stuff" that you drink and it goes down like Kool-Aid,but with out a notice you are so messed up and wondering how you got so messed up so quick.
-"girl what the hell you got me sippin messed up already!!!"

__Hunch punch..lmao
by ACUA1123 January 06, 2010
1 case of favorite beer (24 or 30. your choice)
1 handle of favorite vodka(flavored or not. your choice)
2 tubes of pink lemonade concentrate(3 if your feeling frisky)

Mix these in large cooler. Add ice.

Serves 2-10 people(depending on how fucked up you want to be.)

CAUTION: Drinking large quantities can result in cocaine usage.
Bob: Dude, I drank so much hunch punch I don't remember a thing.

Pedro: Are you kidding? You were in the bathroom snorting coke with that girl.

Bob: Ahh fuckk...
by Shawn Parent April 08, 2008
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