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Much akin to the huggle that is so widespread, a humple is the same motion, only involving more leg movement (either one or both legs typically wrapped around the receiver.
* Alan_McGuire humples Ace.
<Ace> =)
<Ace> ok thats kind of odd
<Ace> lol
<+Alan_McGuire> lol
by Gawmonster December 21, 2008
1. n: A Contact pelvic thrusting mixed with huggles
2. v: The step after huggle, associated with extreme rape, followed by Eoooo!
<.:KAOS:. humples fork
by .:KAOS:. April 14, 2004
The way you find your clothes the morning after.
I went home with this dude, and this morning my clothes were in a humple on his floor.
by T2R4S January 28, 2011
AOL Speak for huggle.
Jack humples bot
! bot has kicked jack (no AOL)
by rawr September 15, 2004

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