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A guitar pickup developed by Gibson in the late 1950's. Uses two side by side coils to reduce noise and provides and earthy tone.
I've got a custom Les Paul with three humbuckers in sequence.
by Owen March 22, 2005
Horny Ugly Moron Boring Ugly Crackheads Kicking Elmo 'Round. A very common acronym. Also a very offensive name to call someone.
Person 1: You guys are all a bunch of HUMBUCKERs.
Person 2: Hey! That's offensive!
by crashandburnofficial July 06, 2010
Not only a type of guitar pick, it is also a term used for a female who makes noise and bucks her hips as she reaches climax while recieving cunnilungus.
That girl is a humbucker.
by A.C.H. October 22, 2006
A word used by parents (usually after they accidentally injure themselves) who don't yet want their children to hear them cursing.
"Owwww! Mother...uh...humbucker!"
by Brainiac January 08, 2005
a mentally retarded homeless man in the city of Rossford, Ohio (humbucker is not a name for a specific person but it is a general title)
"Look at that humbucker digging through the McDonalds dumpster"
by Mike January 06, 2005