Generally anything positive, flashy or "different"
derek's humble as shit...

person one: she really walked out on him

person two: that's not humble...

person 1: she got some big titties...

person: off the humble yeahh....
by Modicking Shithead May 22, 2014
Humbling is the act of a man fucking another man's ass without gay intentions.

Though the person delivering a humbling is NEVER gay, the recipient is often a faggot son of a bitch and sometimes worse than Hulk Hogan.

Typically occurs after the Camel Clutch is applied and the back is broken.

The broken back allows for easier penetration of the ass, and it is said that those in The Old Country always practiced back-breaking before humbling.

When Bryan and Vinny discussed this issue, Bryan took a slightly different tack, insisting that the backbreaking is necessary because the humblee would not consent to the humbling unless he were physically incapacitated.
I will suplex you, put you in the Camel Clutch, break your back and fuck your ass make you humble.
by Annonymous2222 January 08, 2010
Made popular by former WWE/F Champion, The Iron Shiek, Humbling someone would refer to defeating/humiliation someone. Shiek often uses the term in this mannner,

"I will suplex you, put you in the Camel Clutch, break your back, fuck your ass, and make you humble."

So it is debated whether it would refer to breaking someone's back, anally raping them, or a combination of the two. But most use in the way others use the word "Own" or "Pwn". The example should explain this more.
Kid 1: "Dude, your mom tasted sooooooooo good last night."

Kid 2: *punches Kid 1 in the face*

Kid 3: "Damn dude....that bitch just got Humbled."
by GLH October 14, 2007
It means your awesome.
Brendan And Nelli are humble.
by sheailsebfiasehr August 13, 2008
a word to describe someone who is not arrogant, as in kelli
"i got an A on the test today"
"really? thats so good!!"
"oh its ok, i dont wanna brag"
"oh, ur so humble"
by tinkymama1695 February 09, 2010
a male version of a baby shower
"are you going to Jeff's Humble bro it's this weekend?"
" What did you buy for Jeff's humble?"
" Just some baby socks bro"
by Shaniak1 August 05, 2012
When one wishes to hum and mumble at the same time. Only gifted people can do this. Others are just unco.
humble is unexamplable. is a skill that only gifted people have.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007

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