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Tag-like game played on college campuses. In the game, zombie players try to tag human players. Humans try to escape/defend themselves. Tags turn humans into zombies. Zombies win if all humans are turned. Humans win if all zombies starve, or if they complete the final mission. The game is played 24/7, until one side wins.
All players begin as humans and wear a bandana on their arm. A player is chosen by the moderators to be the original zombie (OZ). Zombies usually move their arm bands to their heads, to show that they've turned, but depending on the game, the OZ can stay anonymous for a day, or until a certain killcount.
The OZ tags as many humans as possible, turning them into zombies. Each zombie must tag a human every 2 days, or the zombie starves, and is out.
Mods monitor zombie kills and human transformations using an online program. All players are given an alphanumerical code before gameplay begins. When a zombie tags a human, the human must give the zombie their code. The zombie enters the code into the computer program. This process monitors the times that a zombie has fed, as well as what humans have been eaten.
Humans defend themselves from zombies by shooting nerf guns or throwing socks. If hit, the zombie is stunned for 15 min.
Safe zones are areas where zombies can't attack humans. Depending on the game, offcampus areas can also be considered safe zones.
Missions are created by mods to keep humans from hiding all game.
Guy 1: Sup man, why do you have all those nerf guns?

Guy 2: Don't you know, man? There's a humans vs zombies game this week. The zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Guy 1: Aww man, I missed the sign up. Gonna need to do that next time, by going to
by john63 May 28, 2010
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What boot camp is to the armed forces, humans vs zombies is to anyone that wants to stand a chance in the impending zombie apocalypse.
The weeklong game, played at over 650 universities, begins with an approximately 1:30 zombie:human ratio, and ends with a final mission. Zombies wear orange bandannas around their heads; humans, around their bulging biceps. Stunned zombies wear bandannas around their necks for ten minutes, during which they walk in shame. A zombie may "turn" a human by eating its brains out, literally.
Well, by tagging a human with its hand, a zombie may figuratively eat the human's brains, thus turning it into a zombie(after a ten-minute transformation period).
A human may stun a zombie for ten minutes by hitting it with a thrown sock or(with higher success rates)shooting it with a Nerf blaster. I myself have shot many a zombie with my trusty Maverick.
Achievements may be earned for such feats as surviving a certain number of days as a human, a day in costume, tagging a certain number of humans, tags while wearing a costume, or a lot of other cool things. Man there are some really cool things that you can do. There are over 20 achievements, depending on what school you're playing at. My personal favorite is the ZOMGWTF achievement; as a human, you hit a live zombie with a thrown Nerf dart and live to tell the tale.
HvZ has many more details and stipulations; take a look at their website if you're intrigued :)
Hey man I heard you got a girl now." -"Affirmative." "That's awesome, how'd you guys meet?" -"Humans vs zombies. I tagged her sweet ass, ate her brains like zombies do. Sweetest brain noms imaginable." "Dayumm I need to start playing this game!" -"Hey humans vs zombies not a game. It's training for real life. The zombie apocalypse is inevitable, man, and when it comes, it will come harder than your mom came last night. We NEED to be prepared.
by Voldemort's Nose July 29, 2011
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The gayest shit ever. For people who have nothing better to do than put yellow bandannas on and run around throwing socks and each other.

This is what people do in college who don't drink, dance, work or do anything a normal person would consider socially acceptable.

The death of a college campus for a week.
Person 1: Why are all these retards running around with bandannas throwing socks?

Person 2: It's humans vs zombies.

Person 1: Damnit, I hate nerds.
by Skoda23 September 15, 2010
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