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A Hulda is a hard one to find. She is unique and sometimes appears to be a different person then she really is. She sometimes is hard to read and she likes some attention. Huldas always think about the greater meaning of things. A hulda almost always has a beautiful best friend, she tells her best friend more than anyone else. Her friend may be easier to fall in love with then Hulda but do not fall for her because in the long run hulda will probably be better to you. Hulda is a lot of times a russian women but sometimes not. It is hard to get a hulda to like u but when she does it will last for a long time. Huldas are made for long term relationships. She is an okay kisser but pretty good in bed. A lot of huldas have problems with their family. If you get a Hulda never let her go because she will be with you forever.
Dude 1: thats a hulda.
Dude 2: Hulda sounds nice i will find one.
by maryloves October 17, 2013
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