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A name for the native peoples of Laos. btw, Lao people HATE being called "laotian", they much better preffer to be called "Lao."
Jao bpen koun Lao. (I am a laotian person)
by Kanitha September 23, 2007
Hula is the form of dance derived from the Hawaiian culture. It uses a set of 4 basic leg motions, and a variety of different hand motions to express thoughts, meanings and feeling of lyrics.
hula dance, hula dancer.
by Kanitha September 23, 2007
Poi is a starchy porridge like substance made from the pounded root of the taro plant. It is a staple in Polynesian diets.

Poi is NOT a form of dancing..."poi balls" as they are called, were long ago used to extract the excess water from poi as it was being made... It wasn't until modern times that poi balls were stuffed with cotton and used as an art instead of a kitchen aide.
Ho cuz, I like grind some poi wit my poke!
by Kanitha September 23, 2007
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