A nice, big, juicy, and generous pinch of copenhagen or skoal dipping tobacco.
Hey broski lets go take a hugo with Chad.
by Cornelius Fudge Jr. II October 18, 2007
"To Hugo"

To perform sexual acts upon a person or persons of the female gender with the intent of optimal pleasure for both parties. Female, or females, are always left satisfied when one is done with the act of hugoing.
How was your night last night?
So sick, I hugo'd that hot chick at the party.

Five bucks says I can hugo that babe across the room tonight.

Go for it.
by Hugo Dynamite May 15, 2011
has a really, big dick. He's a beast in bed. He'll pleasure you better than your boyfriend/ex. He doesn't have to flirt with the ladies in order for them to notice him. He's adorable and hot at the same time.
Girl #1: how was your day?
Girl #2: I was with Hugo.
Girl #1: awww you lucky bastard. Gosh hearing his name makes me horny.
by masterpeapod February 06, 2015
Really hot guy that all the ladies are begging for. When he walks he is like a chic magnet and the ladies just keep coming. He is really nice friendly and caring. Overall really hot and cute
'I love Ryan but I really want Hugo'
by Hugggooo November 08, 2014
A small suburban town located outside Minneapolis, where people get crunk everynight. And where the poon is in abundance. And people drive tractors everywhere.
" dude lets go to Hugo to get messed up"
by Eric Finck March 30, 2006
Urban slang for getting high or trippin. Also used for generally sexy and athletic men
Dude, I'm so Hugo right now it's not even funny.

Look man it's Hugo! Why can't I be more like him?
by Darude December 17, 2014
A very nice guy sweet and loveable,he can be very charming at sometimes but very unappealing at the other times.hugo is every girls dream boyfriend but not only do the know that he belongs with a blonde haired girl with the prettiest hazel eyes you'll ever see her name starts with a letter in between L and N he loves her he cares for her.he is an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to have him
Damn that guy looks like he can be a hugo
by szim.andy March 14, 2015
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