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A Man that Has Mastered the Periodic Table of Sex and Done All 58 Positions with All the Hotties in ATX! He has the body sculpted by Zeus himself. He is so tough that the tattoo needle asked to stop when touching his God-like Body. Huey Also has all the great attributes of the name Haddie, Zach and Matt B. He walks in a room and girls give him digits to see his super extremely large Penis. Be careful because he is part of the 49 crew, 08 class, Tribe Slapaho, and Team Shocker.
"Last Night Huey Looked at Me and I my Clitoris was instantly stimulated."

Matt B "Man I Want Huey and I love Girls"

by HUMUNGOHUEY January 29, 2009
Spanish slang for dude that may be used as an insult or just a greeting
Get out of here pinche huey!
by Piper December 27, 2003
Vietnam-era multipurpose helicopter.
"I'm takin' a Huey."
-me taking a Huey in Battlefield Vietnam
by Dave June 23, 2004
God who creates surf (waves, and associated conditions), generally used humorously
The spilt milk would be offered as a gift to Surf God Huey who would surely reward our kindness with sick waves
by DirtyMagic November 01, 2009

The title of a movement for urban youth started in chicago, by marwin williams.
1. I'm about that HUEY life.
2. I'm with HUEY gang.
3. HUEY nation, Huey life, HUEY gang.
4. HUEY gang or die.
by k_macintosh January 06, 2012
Spanish word for dude; used on the westside
1: Yo huey, what's up?
2: YO MOM!
3: Hey I did both your moms and dads!
1: Huey, don't be fucking wit me like that.
by Miggy12 December 23, 2003
Acronym for hookup. For those who can't stand the term hookup
My roommate did a huey with my ex-girlfriend. Made me sick.
by brownwings March 14, 2011
a nick name usally given to someone(male) who is fly with the ladies. and a smooth talker, they tend to always have there friends back and always ready throw down for anyone messing with there homies.
MAN, look at huey work them ladies, but i dont care huey has my back 24/7!
by young hue August 09, 2006