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"Huckleberry" was commonly used in the 1800's in conjunction with "persimmon" as a small unit of measure. "I'm a huckleberry over your persimmon" meant "I'm just a bit better than you." As a result, "huckleberry" came to denote idiomatically two things. First, it denoted a small unit of measure, a "tad," as it were, and a person who was a huckleberry could be a small, unimportant person--usually expressed ironically in mock self-depreciation. The second and more common usage came to mean, in the words of the "Dictionary of American Slang: Second Supplemented Edition" (Crowell, 1975):

"A man; specif., the exact kind of man needed for a particular purpose. 1936: "Well, I'm your huckleberry, Mr. Haney." Tully, "Bruiser," 37. Since 1880, archaic.

The "Historical Dictionary of American Slang" which is a multivolume work, has about a third of a column of citations documenting this meaning all through the latter 19th century.

So "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for!"
"I'm your huckleberry..." Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone
by kilo February 23, 2005
In Texas Hold 'Em, one who often catches the card that they need on the last card dropped (the River). If this happens often enough, they live on the "river," just like Huck Finn.
"Timmy, you %@#$! I can't believe you caught that ace on the river AGAIN. You're such a Huckleberry!
by Odin the Dog November 10, 2008
A "disease" that is contracted by hooking up with a black man or woman
Yo did you know jessica hooked up with tyrone?

Yea that bitch got huckleberries
by Kenny Bartrum July 21, 2008
A gay cracker who provides sexual relief for straight brothers when their women arent around. Similar to 'strawberry' but without the drugs, and given by faggots.
- "I need to bus a nut b, but my girl aint around."
- "well Ramone got that huckleberry who pays to suck his dick - u can use him AND get some readies."
by shybutcurious January 11, 2014
from the latin phrase 'huckleberry hound' this means pound, as in £1.
can you lend me a huckleberry mate?
that will cost a huckleberry
by bob April 19, 2004
an ignorant country person, a bumpkin, a rube, someone ripe for the picking. When you encounter one on the road you say, hi Huck. Hence the name of Twain's character.
In the movie Tombstone when Doc says, I'm your huckleberry, he means I'm your fool, someone to be taken advantage of.
by Mockingword July 11, 2009
A fish or non-professional in a poker game.
The huckleberry in the three seat is down 3 g notes.
by Master Ro April 13, 2005
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