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slang for hobe sound locals
im a hobe sound local
by Giuliano March 24, 2005
68 34
Badass group of surfers(mostly)like myself from the badass town of hobe sound, Florida. look up hobe sound on wikipedia and it mentions hsl.
Hsl's are the rulers of Hobe Sound.
by surfeveryday February 05, 2008
26 15
Abbreviation for high strength lager.
'Lance, I wanna get mucked-up'.

'Alright Skiddler, get a H.S.L on'.
by Nate D Dowg May 16, 2009
0 0
The system of hand signals used by Emily and Buster Hanson. Buster, as you may know by now, is Emily Hanson's deaf dog. She created this sign language in order to talk to him. It is very fun to use and people like to learn it.
Emily: Boy, Buster is sure learning HSL fast.

Opal: What's HSL? I've never heard of it.

Emily: It's stands for Hanson Sign Language. It's how me and Buster talk.

(Emily slaps her leg) Emily: Hey Buster, come here!

Opal: Wow, he really knows what you're saying.

Buster: (looking at the two women as if they're crazy) Hey, where's my dinner?!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 13, 2011
3 6