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A cake involving hrum and large amounts of gayness.
John lets make hrum cakes at Brandon's house!
by stonecreek saint April 10, 2008
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hrum cake is a delicious treat usually made by stonecreek saints, it resembles a bunt cake but its gayer and more oddly shaped, many hrums go into the creation of hrum cake. hrum cake is not baked.
John and Anthony made delicious hrum cake, and served it to brandon and evan in exchange for their low quality hrum cake
by stonecreek s April 20, 2008
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see above definitions; seen as a valued delicacy in most countries. Especially developing areas in Latin America, and Africa. It has been inscribed in many stone tablets that it originated from a mexican boy and his friends on a street notoriously known as stonecreek. which is home to the stonecreek saints.
Sit down and eat your god damn hrum cake!
by uhnimonjk April 27, 2008
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