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a term used in cricket, appealing to the umpire, for a wicket
how's that said the fielders
by ROBERT SAVAGE June 13, 2006
A phrase used repeatedly to deflate an infuriated or excited person. More effective the more realistically interested and naive of the answer the user sounds. It is commonly used in cases where guilt or the obvious wish to be ignored.

2: How's that?
2: How's that?
1: CRASHING DEATH AND FIRE ANnd terror and clouds and and...
2: Want a piece of cherry pie?
1: You drank all the milk you asshole!
2: How's that?
1: I saw you!
2: How's that?
1: With my eyes!
2: How's that?
1: Fucking optics! Or cornias or...or something...
2: Want some water?
by Pellion August 01, 2009
"How's that is a phrase that is used to make an appeal to the umpire of whether the opposition player is out or not.
The English batsman blocked the ball from hitting the wickets by using his leg (Which is against the Leg Before Wicket rule), so the Australians appealed to the umpire "How's that???" to which the umpire would make a decision of "Out" or "Not Out".
by The Land of Smeg January 13, 2008
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