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A nefarious, demanding little creature (preferably fuzzy but may not be so) that trudges around the house and knocks over all of your shit. Cats, dogs, maybe small children.
I'm being terrorized by a housebear!
by seriouslywtf September 25, 2007
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Peter Cub is the example of a house bear. A house bear is the male version of the female, the house bunny. The house bear loves to eat honey and is a mean version of poo bear. The house bear loves to have roast bee hives after 11pm when the house bunny is sleeping, because he doesn't want to quit sleeping with the house bunny.
Peter Cub is a house bear. Commonly known as P.C. He dressed in plaid and does the robot. He is the guy who comes out when its only the boys. And some nights after the roast beehives hit you really hard. You share a bag of beehives and chillax.
by George "Spiced" Navyrumm December 26, 2009

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