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A sexual act that does not allow penatration of the vagina, anus, or mouth. The idea is to smell your sex partner until one reaches their climax. Smelling includes either the vagina, penis, anus, tits, or any part of the body that turns you on.
Carol said I could not get the pussy, but I could hounddog her! Heeeeeeeyyyyy!
by Wun Hung Lo December 21, 2005
Noun: any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears.

Adjective: describing anyone of a macho or casanovic templar in the sense that they are flirting or whipping up a storm with the ladies.
(tom and bob have been used at random to describe the use of the word "hound dog - {adj.}" in a typical conversation)

bob: How are you going tom?
tom: Not to bad man i was just talking to that hot chick just then
bob: tom you hound dog, you
by Kempsy July 05, 2007
a fan of an artist whoz all over their nutsac
look at them bitches hound doggin snoop
by nikoal January 05, 2004
An ill ass nigga of a dawg. Low slung lookin up bitchez dresses who lives in the muthafuckin' now nigga! That's whats up!
Hound Dog, Ayo! stop droolin' and get to the crab shack nigga!
by Bista October 15, 2006