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A word used often in north Wales. It is used when the table turns on someone or something funny or bad happens to them.
Jenny falls off a chair
Mike: Haha Jaman!!

Lisa: What's the capital of Wales?
Ffion: Caernarvon!
Lisa: Jaman, it's Cardiff
by nounou208 July 23, 2008
Strong affirmation, particularly as a reply to an incredulous assertion. Not neccessarily to be believed.
Prob. from Afrikaans (Ja=Yes), but possible Jamaican root
Did you really fuck my sister? JA MAN!
Can your deuce-coupe lick my 'vette? JA MAN!
Are you the king in this 'burb? JA MAN!
by The Pirate Rabbit July 29, 2006
A norwegian word composed of ja(yes) and mann(man). Usually written with only one m. It's an affirmative answer like yes. Mostly used by norwegian second and third generation immigrants.

Can also express joy, like winning or accomplish something.
#1 Person 1: Did you get the video game?

Person 2: Jaman

#2 After getting through a hard level in a video game.

Person: Jaman
by Aunekris June 21, 2011
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by 14Akkkb88 May 31, 2015
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