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Mainly English, although used by some Canadian hussys. Extended version of Hot, enabling it to be often shouted across to someone informing them how good they look,resulting in them seeing you too.
"Dave just called that Lesly a hottie and she smiled back, he's in!!!
by Russell Williams December 02, 2005
18 20
a very attractive person whom has all the rite charateristics to appeal to others in a sexual way
Oh look at that guy, Adam Luc, his sooo not a hottie, i think his from france
by tineetommi December 23, 2004
38 40
a very attractive female.
That Keesha is a hottie
by Alex Rossiter May 11, 2004
82 85
Something I can't find.
Anyone seen a hottie lately. *sadface*
by MC Habic November 09, 2008
17 22
A very good looking woman.
Your mum's a hottie.
by superostia November 12, 2003
47 54
A very attractive, sexy, beautiful woman. To men she is like kryptonite laced with Viagra.
"Alisha Davis is such a Hottie!"
by 123anonymous July 10, 2008
13 28
n. A male who is deliciously sexy; Erotically and arousingly attractive. One who is able to make women burn with desire.
In a word...Brett
by Barry Flomar January 29, 2004
61 80