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a hot person
Price William is a hottie!
And damn, that Kate Middleon is lucky
by Vaai April 20, 2011
33 20
A boner inducing female
Shes such a Hottie damn!
by Mark1432 July 10, 2008
60 48
What the girls in the example pictures were not.
Those girls were not hotties. I'm going to find a picture of a real hottie.
by tamtam27 October 29, 2010
29 23
Hawty/ Haughty/ Hottie are all slangs derived from the English word 'Hot'. They basically describe the appearance of someone.

The literal meaning is Sultry: Sexually attractive.
Person A (guy): 'You are nothing but a hottie.' (He means she is very attractive. He does not mean that she has a high temperature.)
Person B (the attractive girl): 'You flatter me.'
by PublicCritic October 21, 2013
2 0
A hotter then hot human male with sparkling eyes and an infectious grin. He is funny, clever, quick-thinking, honest, cheeky, manly, a bit deep, stubborn to the right degree and has an ability to make the world rock that ever so much more. Often comes with four wheels and other big equipment. Extensive research has only found one official hottie, my bestie. Lucky sightings occasionally reported in the south of the Uk. Often also referred to as a star.
by : ) xxx August 30, 2013
1 0
The ball of ash that falls from a cigarette when it remains "un-smoked" for a period of time anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
"Aww man! A hottie just fell on my crotch. Burned a hole right through my pants!"
by lemonysex91191 February 26, 2012
2 1
A hot chick
I saw this hottie at my baby mama's high school, I wanted to dig that!
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
82 83