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n. A male who is deliciously sexy; Erotically and arousingly attractive. One who is able to make women burn with desire.
In a word...Brett
by Barry Flomar January 29, 2004
a rly hot guy, but is totally cute and sweet, must be at least smart enough to count to ten, and recite the alphabet. (by heart)
1 word, conor

o baby if only you knew...
by amy February 10, 2005
a girl who is very erisistibly hot and would like to stick it in her
i would love to have sex with skanky mc B she is a mad hottie
by jeff williams May 23, 2005
A small glasses wearing guy from the town of Brighton in the south of England
Hey Hottie, pass the bong!
the cutest guy EVER!!! as in u fall 4 him as soon as u see him. usually they're jocks and very stupid. but hey, there are other ppl that are "perfect"
he's sooooooooooo hott!!!
by monkees rulez!!! November 30, 2003
A hottie is a penis covered in fecal matter as a result of anal sex.
I pulled out and had a total hottie!
by d for dishes, f for floors August 22, 2006
the dubest bitch on "flavor of love" a woman whoe cooks a full chicken in a microwave
man she's a dyme but she asks like "hottie"
by pimpb March 13, 2006