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A person or situation that is in some way inferior or pathetic or not good;
Example 1:
<guy 1> Hey bro, whats up?
<guy 2> Man, i just had a hot date with a totally bitchen girl, and I screwed it up
<guy 1> That blows big time, dude. What happened?
<guy 2> It was all going so well, we went up to her room and she was so hot for me I decided to put the dogs in the bathub but then BAM!  the next thing i know ive tripled myself!
<guy 1> ahhh shit dude, that is totally hotel frank!
<guy 2> fuck you man i dont need that from you, shiiiiiit 

Example 2:
<guy 1> Hey dude, did u see the way those protesters chased that girl for staying at Hotel Frank?
<guy 2> yeah mate, the way they treated her was totally hotel frank. 
by SirEatonSkones September 24, 2011
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