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Origin: 2014, Skype
hot·core or hot-core (hôt′kôr′, -kōr′, hŏt′-)
1. Being even more explicit than hard-core material in depicting or describing sexual activity: hotcore pornography.
2. A indescribable level of extreme: a hotcore sports fan, a hotcore gamer, a hotcore leader (e.g. Hitler)
"That new hotcore porn makes hardcore porn look like church sermon."

"Our understanding of science is not yet at levels that are hotcore enough to grasp dark matter and dark energy"

"Jesus would have been a hotcore deity had he not been stabbed to death"

"The universe is hotcore"
#hot-core #hardcore #extreme #immense #soft-core #hitler #jesus
by Longjohnson Shagwell April 18, 2014
anita defines hotcore.
person (a): who is that?
person (b): thats Anita, she is HOTCORE
by triforce April 15, 2005
A hot individual who is also hardcore.
Francesca Ala is hotcore!~1
a hot individual who is hardcore.
francesca ala is hotcore!1!!~
by God March 30, 2005
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