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Hotcakes made with cock sauce or covered in cock sauce. Considered a delicacy in Potter County.
They're selling like hotcocks!
by cahootsk August 14, 2008
another name for sriracha sauce (Asian hot chili sauce in plastic squeeze bottle with green tip), named for the picture of the rooster on the front.
i drowned my chow mein in hot cock
by TheDelicious August 24, 2007
the act of wrapping your unit in a steaming hot washcloth for a minute or so to warm it up, right before entering the vag.
i came home from work yesterday and the old lady was feeling kinky, so i hotcocked her.
by michael wiley March 12, 2008
A penis that has a higher surface than 105 degrees farenheit, this is usually after sex.
"Oh give me that hot 5 inch cock"

"Ohh yaaa ohh yaa that hot cock in my buttwhole"
by ben dover6911 April 22, 2006