A certain individual, commonly of the male sex, who sees themselves as the person "everyone loves". They think they are all around star athletes, can get all the ladies, and is extremely comical. They are sometimes referred to as "wanna be guiddos". They are not close to any of these personality traits, for the females find them creepy and awkward, save lower class man, or plan b, they are usually not good at sports, and aren't orange. Or ripped. They acquire their jokes from a comedian they saw on T.V. while they were smoking marijuana by themselves on a sunday night.


Some hot shots have been noted to wear popped collared pink polo shirts, with Jordan's, Khaki shorts and black high socks. Others wear sweat pants and or sweat shorts of any color, mostly black and white (reversible), sandals, preferably Adidas, or Wal-Mart off brand. They also wear NCAA gray t-shirts or hoodies or a school sport related t-shirt, which is most of the time from elementary school.
Common Catch Pharses

"Man, that kid is gay" - referring to someone undeniably better than themselves.

"Daaaaaank" - trying to express their "cool party-going habits.

"Dankenstein" - variation of "Daaaaaaank"

and of course we cannot forget the real reason this definition was created....The one...the only... CORY BOHACHE!!! the original hot shot !
by Demp223 March 25, 2010
Top Definition
a private hauler, usually with a 1-ton pickup and a double or triple-axle trailer, who will haul anything anywhere for a premium price
The crew of Extreme Home Makeover could not wait four days for the custom windows, so they called a hot shot out of Dallas who got them there in less than six hours.
by Dollyrocker January 22, 2008
a lethally large amount of heroin, usually given to troublemakers to make them appear to be a random overdose.
"Yo, Miguel is talking to the feds, he needs a fuckin' hotshot.
by somenycguy September 21, 2006
a person who thinks too highly of himself, thinks he is decendant of casanova, always hitting on women
hey hotshot what do u think you are upto?
by sonicstar September 13, 2005
1. someone who is good at an activitiy and insists on showing off their talent.

2. A lethal dose of herion, either too high a dose or mixed with some other harmfull agent. When it is given to its unaware victim the result is an Overdose or death.

3. A pickup truck and trailer used to transport goods much like a full size semi (18 wheeler). Most are licensed and Insured to operate as a business.
1. Terrell Owens is a hotshot.

2. That bitch is causing so much trouble for us, she needs a hotshot to shut her ass up once and for all.

3. My diesel Chevy Pickup will make a good hotshot rig.

by S Mc March 06, 2008
The Term for any drug you inject that has poison in it. You get really hot, pass out and die in your sleep.
Sid Vicious was killed by a hot shot.
by Freak Face May 11, 2005
When a person farts in front of a co-workers portable space heater while in operation; preferably in a small confined area as in a cubicle.
I went to Devin's desk and delivered a hot shot while he was typing.
by thehulk261 March 29, 2015
The painful process of excreting waste after eating spicy foods.
That lunch gave me some nasty hot shots.
by Baugust November 12, 2008
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