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Where a one puts un deliluted hot Tobasco sauce in a childs mouth as a form of punishment.
Hot saucing is just one of the many forms of child punishment in a proposed bill to portect children from unusual punishments.
by Sami Yamamoto June 11, 2005
1. to drown a girl with endless texts about how you dominate the rap game and party at the studio with Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx.

2. Making $27 million in the rap game and picking up girls at strip clubs.
"Everything was going great until I started hot saucing her and she got weirded out."

"Dem chkn-hedz alwayz be fallin 4 mi hot saucing!"

"Where are you?" "Just hot saucing at the strip club."
by JohnnyTooBad March 22, 2010