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When you build something up and everyone is expecting something awesome, but you back out at the last second.
Robert's hot robert ruined John's birthday.
by Jeff November 08, 2004
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Bottle water is better for you...
Drink H20, it's better for u..
U'll live longer........
by ur friend always January 09, 2005
Hot Robert in his Dreams, nothing but
a Fat Obese Cow. A Mama's Boy!!!
Look at yourself, before you make fun
of others............................
Also Grandma's Pet!!!!!!!!!
Have some more on your Plate.
I want you so Fat. The Girls will not
notice, the Flab around your waist.
Your starting to Look like Ha! Ha!
Says he's afraid of
Changes. LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
What a Joke!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha!!!!!
Nothing But a Coward!!!!!!!!!!!
by jeff April 22, 2005

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