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the act of snorting a line of crystal meth through the nose by heating up the end of a glass pipe and then opening your mouth to release white smoke
dayum! them hotrails FUCK ME UP!
by sam February 12, 2004
243 69
The act of heating up a glass tube, then snorting methamphetamine through it and exhaling smoke.
We were doing hot rails with Paul Baloff.
by aesop November 06, 2003
169 70
A Line of Melting Crystal Meth that is inhaled through the nose.
The hotrail gave him an intence rush
by james December 06, 2003
53 11
prison slang to stand post and act as a look out for someone doing something they shouldn't be doing (violating)
O now, hot rail for me while I fuck this sissy.
by prison linguist May 18, 2004
29 105