a turd with a bun, often served with mustard, ketchup,and relish, served from a "Hot Dog Stand" by a greasy fat guy, usually on street corners in New York or Chicago.
That was an awesome touchdown! lets go get some hot logs.
by nommachine November 17, 2010
Top Definition
A fresh poo, still piping hot from the delivery canal.
"I heard your cat died. Man, that really sucks the hot log."
by GreBo Goryerum September 15, 2006
When you take a massive steaming poop, you turn to look in the toilet and see hotdog shaped fecal matter.
person #1: Dude come look at my hotlog!!
person #2: Hang on let me finish my hotdog.
person #2: DUDE NASTY!!!!
person #1: Pretty nice hotlog huh?
person #2: Actually its quite sub-par.
person #1: What... i was on the toilet for a solid 15 minutes!!
person #2: Should of made it 20, *tastes* needs more fried chicken too.
person #1: Your such a dick dude, you never appreciate anything i do, or make, for that matter.
person #2: The day you make a legitimate Hotlog, is the day i accept you as a man, and a friend.
Person #1: I just thought our friendship came down to more than just fecal matter thats all.
Person #2: More than fecal matter dude, hotlogs.
Person #1: I hate you.
by FreshBoxLive August 09, 2010
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